Barks and Blooms

Adventures in Pet Sitting

Goldie knows Origami

on October 14, 2012

My sweet dog really isn’t that clever.  She barks at shadows.  She thinks that anything new in the house–a small picture on the wall in the kitchen, a bag on the table, anything out of place–is out to get her and must be avoided at all costs.  Her usual M.O. is to scramble down the stairs, her tail tucked so far that it’s almost touching her nose and hide in the downstairs bathroom.  This is her place of calm, her cozy cave where she feels safe.  This is also where my silly dog does her nighttime origami.  Every morning when I wake up, the bathroom throw rug is tucked, curled, bent, and twisted into a not-always-identifiable creation that I am then able to contemplate while, uh, doing what I do first thing in the morning.  Her designs are simple.  One looked like a rawhide bone.  Another resembled a  bird.  I believe there was one that was supposed to be a squirrel, but it was early and I wasn’t really awake yet.      Image 


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