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Note from a Walker

on October 14, 2012
A few months ago, I asked some other dog walkers I know to tell me their favorite story.  This is from Dawn:Image
It was a sunny summer day and Theo, an Ibizan hound/pit bull mix, was enjoying his peaceful walk. Theo is a medium size dog, and light brown in color.  We both spotted a doe with her two speckled fawns in a field.  The momma deer saw us, too, and quickly sprinted off towards the woods, with one of her babies close behind.   The other fawn ran in the opposite direction.  Theo and I turned down a quiet, dead-end lane.  We both heard the pitter-patter of running feet behind us and turned to look.  I gasped, then held that breath when I saw the lone fawn running straight for us.  Her eyes were locked on Theo and she paid no attention to me.  She came to a stop nose-to-nose with him and I could have reached out and caressed her soft spotted fur.  You could almost see it in her eyes when she realized “Hey! You’re not my mother!”  Then she was gone in a flash.  Theo and I stood dumbfounded for a minute of two, marveling at what had just occurred.   A little while later, we spotted our trio again, reunited and happy.   All was right with the world.



One response to “Note from a Walker

  1. Ginger Kay says:

    Oh, how sweet is that!?

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